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We read with interest Mr. Kojo Mbra Assan’s articles which were carried in the Monday, April 10 and Tuesday April 11, 2017 editions of the Ghanaian Times on the above topic and we are compelled to write this rejoinder to address a few misconceptions about the role of the named regulatory bodies, especially the National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX).

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NABPTEX And Review Of Curriculum In Our Polytechnics

My experience with the curriculum (syllabus) in our Polytechnics has not been a pleasant one. Here, I refer to the curriculum for the HND Building Technology programme which I also use in teaching. There are inherent anomalies and deficiencies which make teaching and learning experience unpleasant and less effective. And it is not as if I have sat on the fence. About five years ago, before I started my doctoral studies abroad, I raised

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