The 2017 certificate II examination coordination exercise took place at the Tertiary Complex Conference room from 26-27th May, 2017.
The two day exercise was attended by the Chief Examiners, Team Leaders and Assistant Examiners selected from across the country. The first day which was attended by Chief Examiners and Team Leaders was used to fine-tune the marking schemes for the various examined subjects i.e. Mathematics, Integrated Science, English Language, Social Studies and Entrepreneurship. As part of the process, the marking scheme to each subject was edited for accuracy of answers, consistency in mark allocation and agreement on required responses. Dummy scripts were also marked to test the marking schemes and also enhance quality assurance.
The Chief Examiners, Team Leaders and NABPTEX officials validated the final marking schemes before it was presented to the markers on day two.
On the second day, the Chief examiners and Team leaders took assistant examiners through the fine-tuned marking schemes and allowed the larger group to further scrutinize the schemes by using presented schemes on dummy scripts. The larger group dummy test provides for validation, and final fine-tuning before it was approved and adopted as a working assessment tool.
The official commissioning ceremony took place on the second day where 272 professionals were commissioned to undertake this year’s marking of the core component of the certificate II examinations. In all, four (4) Chief Examiners, 55Team Leaders and 213 Assistant Examiners were appointed by NABPTEX to undertake the exercise. The date of submission of marked scripts and recorded scores was on or before 9th June 2017.
In a short opening ceremony, the Acting Executive Secretary, Mrs. Sheila Naah Boamah used the opportunity to thank the various stakeholders in this year’s examinations for their respective roles in the conduct of the examinations. She indicated that, the conduct of the exams across the country which was satisfactory and free from any exams malpractice was just a section of the chain that ensures credibility of exams. The other significant part, she added was the task that was about to be assigned to them. She added that, NABPTEX, is committed to ensuring the highest level of credibility and fairness in all its exams from start to finish. Systems and procedures will therefore be systematically rolled out to promote continuous improvements.
She reminded the selected team of the need to treat this assignment with the level of dedication, due diligence and the highest degree of ethics that is required of examiners and markers of their caliber. She added that, this task should not be taken lightly as its outcomes would have significant repercussions on the academic fortunes of the candidates and sometimes the dreams of an entire family to produce the first educated son or daughter. Again, she mentioned that, they should remember that they are in the position of trust, passing judgments on the lives of many Ghanaian families and therefore at all times that they mark, they must ensure a high degree of accuracy in their scores. She cautioned that their work must be fair and consistent in line with the approved marking schemes of NABPTEX to deliver fair and accurate assessment for all the candidates.
The Acting Head for Test Administration, Mr. Eric Asiedu, informed the gathering that examiners for marking were selected based on their relevant experience and sufficient knowledge of the core subjects that were examined. He added that, the Chief Examiners were carefully selected from the NABPTEX Resource Pool of professionals. This year’s Chief Examiners are very seasoned and experienced in the practice of teaching, school administration and assessment. They also come with strong ethical values and an eye for due diligence.
The Coordinator for this year’s exercise, Dr. Peter Boahin, reminded the selected team of the established guide for NABPTEX. He mentioned that NABPTEX is particular about ensuring that, to a large extent, when cross marking of marked script are done, it will produce the same or similar scores for all candidates irrespective of who does the marking. He added that, examiners and markers whose marked scripts do not meet the quality assurance test, will be banned from applying to undertake any such role with NABPTEX in the future and expunged from the NABPTEX pool of examiners and markers.
Furthermore, Dr. Boahin mentioned that, in line with ensuring that scripts are marked using the approved standards at all times, markers will be rated according to the degree to which they have consistently applied the approved marking scheme. He reminded the teams of the expectations of NABPTEX which include;

  • Delivering results within agreed timelines
  • Apply approved marking scheme consistently at all times for all candidates
  • Examiners should endeavor to use the entire range of the marking scale
  • Ensure strict confidentiality with respect to task during and after marking
  • Return all documents assigned to you with respect to the marking back to NABPTEX


  • Avoid multitasking during marking of scripts e.g listening to radio, news or chatting whilst marking
  • Subletting the task to an unauthorized third party e.g relative or friend in academic circles
  • Scripts mishandling
  • Disclose or discuss candidate’s scores or performance during or after making with any third party e.g Whatsapp, email, verbal etc
  • Keep any script or materials assigned with respect to task in hard or soft

The moderator for the ceremony, Mr. Jonathan Afetorgbor, thanked the team for their passion and dedication to duty over the past years. He encouraged newly appointed examiners to live up to expectation. He reminded participants of their obligations to work within agreed timelines. On the whole, the exercise was very successful.