National Board For Professional And Technician Examinations Act- 1994 (Act 492)

National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations Act, 1994 (Act – 492)

Establishment and Functions of Board


  1. Establishment of the Board.
  2. Object and functions of the Board.
  3. Composition of the Council.
  4. Qualifications of members of the Council.
  5. Filling of vacancies.
  6. Meetings of the Council.
  7. Appointment of committees.
  8. Subject panels.
  9. Allowances for members of the Council and committees.

Regulations of Examinations and Examination Offences

  1. Regulation of certain matters.
  2. Obtaining information.
  3. Illegal possession, knowledge or use of examination papers.
  4.  Leakage of examination papers.
  5. Impersonation at examinations.
  6. Copying at examinations.
  7. Assault on invigilators, supervisors, inspectors.
  8. Application of criminal law.
  9. Results of investigations.
  10. Penalty for examination irregularities.

Staff, Financial and Miscellaneous provisions

  1. Executive secretary.
  2. Other staff.
  3. Funds of Board.
  4. Accounts and audit.
  5. Financial year of the Board.
  6. Annual report.
  7. Consequential amendments.
  8. Transitional provisions.
  9. Interpretation.

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